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- Crafting events with precision -

What is Klick't?

Klick't is designed to bridge the gap between artists and the entertainment industry's many facets.  From booking talent for national and international master classes and workshops, to creating events specific to the demographic and needs of the inquiring artists.

Let Klick't be your guide to planning, producing, and executing your next industry endeavor.  Work with professionals that have acquired the knowledge, skills, and relationships to take your innovative ideas and transform them into tangible products!

Founder ~ Krysha Santaniello

Based out of New York City, Krysha has been immersed in the entertainment industry as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, event director, tour director and artist manager.

Her credits include: Tour Management for The PULSE On Tour, Event Direction and Management of Camp PULSE On Tour, Artist Management for leading dancers and choreographers in the industry, Event Consultant for the Artistic Dance Exchange, and Producer of Action Workshops NYC.

Throughout her professional years, Krysha has not only developed a high level of respect amongst choreographers, clients, employers, colleagues and dancers alike, but maintains these relationships for the continued growth of this amazing industry.





After being in the entertainment industry for over 25 years I know when I come across a class act and Krysha Santaniello is just that. Whether she is behind the scenes as a tour manager, producer, director or in the public eye as an emcee of the event, she is a consummate professional always striving for excellence and achieving it!
— Brian Friedman, Choreographer
As the Director of Educational Programming at the world-famous Broadway Dance Center, I have worked with some of the most renowned names in dance and been part of organizing some of its largest events, and I have never worked with someone so knowledgeable, organized, competent, calm under pressure, and just generally lovely than the beautiful Krysha Santaniello. She’s served so many roles in event management, from directing, producing, emceeing, managing talent — the list is truly endless — and she performs each these functions with peerless excellence. I’m proud to call her a colleague and happy to call her a dear friend.
— Bonnie Erickson - Broadway Dance Center
I want to truly take the time to say thank you, I know you have a million and one things to handle on site at the events, but you always make everyone feel that their concerns and questions are the most important thing in that moment. You handle things like no one I have ever met. You truly are my inspiration when it comes to organization and people skills. You are the best, and I can’t thank you enough!
— Rosero McCoy - Choreographer
I just wanted to thank you again for everything you’ve done for the last several weeks and especially this weekend. You have such a natural managing style and are so put together that anyone working with you can’t help but feel confident and at ease. Many people as efficient and organized as you are wound so tightly that they are often not very likable. But you have such a free spirit and are honestly one of the warmest and kindest people I’ve ever met. It is such a wonderful thing to see since, as we both know, the entertainment/dance industry will often tend to have its share of people with issues of non-integrity, jealousy, distrust etc... You are really the one who made my experience easy, stress free and enjoyable. Thank you so very much for that!
— Lisa S - Dance Teacher
Krysha’s work ethic and positivity are something extraordinary in the world of event management. She is always calm and collective even in the most stressful of times. I’ve always admired her ability to constantly make others feel appreciated and important. Krysha’s professionalism and determination will always make her a step above the rest.
— Theresa Stone - Choreographer
I had the honor to assist Krysha for the PULSE convention. Krysha is one of the most efficient leaders I know. She can direct her staff in an effective yet calm manner, has a respectable presence of authority, and delegates task in a concise manner. I have learned many skills working under Krysha and for this I am truly grateful. She has taught me how to remain calm under pressure when running technical cues during performances, accommodating guest choreographers, and working under a strict deadline. She has taught me a great deal about confidence and how to gain respect. And most importantly she has taught me resilience. This city is tough and this industry is even tougher. However there is a way to remain genuine to who you are, put your best foot forward, and continue to strive for higher goals in order to thrive in this business. I have learned this all from her. Krysha is a true leader and a joy to work with.
— Megan C - Former Intern



Q: What kind of services are provided from Klick't?

A: Services include, but are not limited to Tour Direction and Management, Event Producing and Consulting, Event Direction, Artist Management, and Hosting your small to large industry events. 


Q: What is included with Tour Direction and Management?

A: Staffing talent, crew and labor for domestic and international eventsComprehensive logistical event planning for domestic and international production. Venue sourcing and contracting Production teams and vendors. Organize day-to-day tour specifics, such as line-ups, on-site finances, staffing lists, manifests; create and manage all production timelines, run of show outlines, and ensure timeliness and accuracy.


Q: What is included with Event Production and Direction?

A: Initiating and overseeing all projects related to the event, including branding/marketing strategies and overall visual appeal. Skillfully directing, scheduling, and organizing all aspects of events, including onsite management of production, talent, staff, crew, and labor. venue sourcing, production team contracts, as well as implementing creative design.


Q: What can I expect as an Artist looking for Management?

A: Introducing and facilitating professional relationships between client and employer to secure booking, Executing contract introductions, and negotiations on behalf of client interests. Oversee all aspects of travel, itinerary implementation, payment and follow up.


Q: What type of events do you Host and Emcee?

A: Krysha utilizes her public speaking skills to effectively communicate with attendees in a large or small business setting. Events can be a broad range from nightlife entertainment, to professional awards shows, and corporate conferences.


Q: Am I able to hire per hour, or hire per event?

A: Rates vary depending on the requested project. availability can be per hour, on retainer, or per event. Please contact us for more information.


Q: How do I register or sign up for an event produced by Klick't?

A: Please fill out the form on the contact page referencing the event you would like to attend for more information.